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7th National Conference (2015) Keynotes: Professors Mike Askew and Brian Butterworth

"The buzz - I felt inspired and determined to communicate that buzz to my colleagues and pupils."Keynotes.png

"Being able to chat to others in the same profession, air difficulties and possible solutions. Positive affirmation of my own teaching theories and practice."

"Fresh approaches to teaching and practical advice on resources and ideas from the keynotes and breakout sessions."

"The variety of speakers and breakout sessions available, the atmosphere of the whole conference and of course the opportunity to speak to other professionals. The venue and facilities of the venue were excellent."

"Excellent balance between research and practice. I like the fact it is concentrated into one day - I get more out of this than some three-day conferences. Organisation is great, very efficient. I like having all the handouts in the one book, and having them on the day rather than later. The venue is very good. Nice, airy space and the catering is excellent."

7th Dyscalculia Conference Report 2015

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boaler gifford morgan.png6th National Conference (2014) Keynotes: Professor Jo Boaler, Sue Gifford and Debbie Morgan

"Really excellent speakers who provoked thourght at all levels. Can't wait till next year to hear from people who are at the fore front of their fields."

"The mix between theory and practice was great. So much was covered and in a relaxed way. The location was lovely, lots of space and relaxed enviorment."

"So much packed into one day - both the theory and practical ideas and resources to use. Thank you!"

"It made me rethink the way in which I taught and question my existing use of concrete material."

6th Dyscalculia Conference Report 2014

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ansari haylock & trundley.jpg5th National Conference (2013) Keynotes: Dr Daniel Ansari, Dr Derek Heylock and Dr Ruth Trundley

“The range of speakers who complimented each other and raised many questions about current practice in schools was great”

“I was very impressed with the organisation prior to arriving for example reciving an e-mail to remind me which break out sessions I had chosen and having this printed on my delegates badge. These little details probably took someone a long time but really made a difference to how smoothly my day went”

“I would highly recommend this conference, I was able to do some networking with a wide range of professionals, having the chance to focus on one area of children's learning

5th Dyscalculia Conference Report 2013

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noel sebba & bryant.jpg4th National Conference (2012) Keynotes: Professors Marie-Pascale Noel, Judy Sebba and Peter Bryant

“I really appreciated the combination of theory, research and practical teaching approaches along with networking opportunities and a chance to share with fellow professionals and enthusiasts”

“Thank you for organising such an excellent and challenging conference. It has had a positive impact on my own practice and I came back full of ideas to share with my colleagues”

 “I found each presentation provided something different that I could take away with me and feed back to my colleagues. It answered a number of questions I had about dyscalculia and maths difficulties”

"Pioneering, intellectually stimulating"

4th Dyscalculia Conference Report 2012

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geary & nunes.jpg3rd National Conference (2011) Keynotes: Dr David Geary and Dr Terezinha Nunes

"I enjoyed the conference very much and especially the quality of the speakers and the pack provided.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the event to colleagues."

"I found the day to be of great benefit and certainly was very glad I attended"

"What an excellent conference you organised this year. I came away buzzing. It's great to be able to hear from the researchers personally. Thank you for a wonderful day"

3rd Dyscalculia Conference Report 2011

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pizza gross gobel chinn.jpg2nd National Conference (2010) Keynotes: Dr Manuela Piazza, Jean Gross, Dr Silke Gobel and Dr Steve Chinn

"Extremely pleasant surroundings. Information from experts rather than the usual facilitators. Felt that I was learning, rather than just sharing. Challenging and interesting - really appreciated the day. One of the best courses I have attended."

"The speakers were so knowledgeable in their areas, accessible, friendly and funny. There were a lot of resources and information."

"Very good venue and welcoming atmosphere. It all held together well - good balance between lectures and time to look at displays."

"Well organised. Good range of resources available to look at. Time flew by because all speakers were of a high standard."

"It is inspiring to listen to a group of experts and to see that Dyscalculia is becoming recognised more widely. Love meeting colleagues with a similar interest.  More ideas for the classroom."

"I came away feeling quite invigorated with some clear ideas and plans to put in action."

"It has given me a much better understanding of Dyscalculia and therefore helped me to think about how to adapt my teaching practise."

2nd Dyscalculia Conference Report 2010

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