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Our conference newsletter was originally inspired by the enthusiasm and questions generated after each annual conference. We aim to keep this dialogue and contact going through these regular newsletters.

Our termly newsletters offer a vast amount of information, news, articles, research updates and practical resources. We hope you will enjoy the contents and we would be very pleased to receive feedback, suggestions and articles.

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Newsflash No. 2
Today's newsflash brings you information about a leading expert in the field of Dyscalculia, Prof Daniel Ansari, free training and resources from the National STEM Learning Centre based in York.
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Newsflash No 1.
The first of our new, shorter and more immediate Newsflashes.
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Newsletter No. 10 November 2016
This newsletter contains a wide range of information covering the latest research into Dyscalculia and Maths Anxiety, national and international updates, including Jo Boaler, and a host of practical resources for the whole age range.
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Newsletter No. 9 April 2016
The focus of this newsletter is number sense. and includes a selective and manageable range of resources
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Newsletter No. 8 January 2016
Bringing you all the latest maths news along with some interesting articles and free resources
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Newsletter No. 7 November 2015
Including 2016 conference update, downloads, news headlines & free resources
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Newsletter No. 6 December 2014
2014 catch up and downloads, news headlines & free resources
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Newsletter No. 5 March 2014
Including a conference update, maths news and a focus on the new national curriculum for mathematics
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Newsletter No. 4 November 2013
Including articles from Dr Daniel Ansari and Ingemar Karisson
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Newsletter No.3 May 2013
Including articles from Dr Derek Haylock and Dr Ruth Trundley
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Newsletter No.2 March 2013
Including articles from Dr Peter Bryant and Dr Daniel Ansari
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Newsletter No.1 September 2012
Including articles from Marie-Pascale Noël, Karin Kucian and Ronit Bird
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