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 “My research area is child neuropsychology. I am studying the numerical development in children with or without math learning disabilities. I am also interested in the inhibition process.”

Marie-Pascale Noel is a professor and leading researcher in the field of Dyscalculia and MLD based at the Institute of Psychology, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. (Full notes about Professor Noel can be found at the bottom of this page)

Professor Noel made a key contribution to our 4th National Dyscalculia and MLD Conference 2012.

Click here to download her 2012 keynote slides: Dyscalculia: from brain to education

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  • Roskam et al (2015) The Unfair Card Game A promising tool
  • Noel, Rousselle & De Visscher (2013) La dyscalculie développementale
  • De Smedt et al (2013) How do symbolic and non-symbolic numerical magnitude processing relate to individual differences in children's mathematical skills
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  • De Visscher & Noel (2013) A case study of arithmetic facts dyscalculia caused by a hypersensitivity-to-inference memory
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  • Noel & Rousselle (2011) Developmental Changes in the Profiles of Dyscalculia
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TEDI-MATH cubierta1.jpgClick here to download a zipped folder of the articles


  • TEDI-MATH, test for the diagnosis of basic skills in mathematics: Manual (Only available in French, Dutch, German and Spanish)

Click here to download background information and examples from TEDI_MATH assessment in 'Dyscalculia in Belgium: definition, prevalence, subtypes, comorbidity, and assessment'Back to the Expert

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Professional Summary

Professor Noel is also a Senior Research Associate of the National Research Fund of Belgium and her PhD thesis was on numerical cognition in adults and in brain-damaged patients.

Since 1999, Marie-Pascale moved into the field of child psychology and the focus of her research is in the development of numerical cognition in children and in the understanding of maths learning disability. With two other colleagues, she also created and published in 2001 the Tedi-math: a diagnostic test to assess the basic numerical skills in children. This test has also been translated into German, Spanish and Dutch.

Professor Noel has published over 70 scientific papers and 30 book chapters and is the scientific editor of 4 books

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