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"I’m interested in seeing mathematics, particularly in primary schools, differently. I believe that mathematical activity can be engaging and enjoyable for all learners."

Mike Askew is Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Education, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.  An internationally regarded expert on mathematics education, particularly in the primary phase, he has directed many research projects including the influential 'Effective Teachers of Numeracy in Primary Schools'. (Full notes about Professor Askew can be found at the bottom of this page)

Professor Askew made a keynote and workshop contribution to our 7th National Dyscalculia and MLD Conference 2015

Click here to download his 2015 keynote slides: Promoting inclusive mathematics classrooms

Click here to download his 2015 workshop slides: Maths for all

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askew booksv1.jpgRecommended Reading

  • A Practical Guide to Transforming Primary Mathematics: Activities and tasks that really work
  • Maths on the Go: 101 Fun Ways to Play with Maths
  • Transforming Primary Mathematics: Understanding classroom tasks, tools and talk
  • Mathematics: All That Matters
  • Maths for Mums and Dads
  • Askew, M et al. (1997) Effective Teachers of Numeracy

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  • Askew, M. (2009) Mathematical fluency
  • Askew, M. (2009) Learning Multiplication Facts
  • Askew, M. (2008) Learning Subtraction
  • Askew, M. (2008) Maths with meaning
  • Askew, M. (2002) Making connections
  • Askew, M et al. (2001) Raising Attainment in Primary number sense
  • Askew, M. (1993) Bug detectivesaskew papers.jpg

Series of articles from Teach Primary magazine

  • The perfect 10
  • Sound as a pound
  • Playing with patterns
  • Additive reasoning
  • Know your place
  • It’s all relative
  • In good shape
  • Starting from problems
  • Number Bonds to10

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Four videos:


  • Big Ideas in Mathematics
  • Circle games
  • Private talk public converse

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  • Teaching for Mastery Questions, tasks and activities to support assessment - a series of 6 booklets written by: Mike Askew, Sarah Bishop, Clare Christie, Sarah Eaton, Pete Griffin, Debbie Morgan and Robert Wilne NCETM and Oxford University Press

Click here to download these booklets from the NCETM website

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Professional Summary

Professor Askew has worked in education for almost 40 years and has taught at all levels, including teacher professional development. Until recently he was Professor of Primary Education at Monash University, Melbourne and previously Professor of Mathematics Education at King's College, University of London. A former primary school teacher, he now researches, speaks and writes on teaching and learning primary mathematics.

Mike Askew has written extensively both for teachers and the research community. He is a founding director of BEAM, an OUP 'Expert' and author of numerous academic and educational maths books including two volumes of Transforming Primary Mathematics published by Routledge.  He has co-authored several popular maths titles such as Maths for Mums and Dads and The Bedside Book of Geometry.

Professor Askew believes that mathematical activity can be engaging and enjoyable for all learners and can help them to understand more about themselves and the world.

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