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“Working with children who have difficulties with maths tells us that it is the focus on developing understanding that should precede the focus on retrieval.”

Steve Chinn’s experience spans over forty years in education. He founded Mark College for secondary aged boys with dyslexia in 1986. Dr Chinn works as an independent consultant, researcher and writer who has lectured widely around the world. (Full notes about Dr Chinn can be found at the bottom of this page)

Dr Chinn has made three keynote contributions to our conferences. In 2009 he helped launch the inaugural conference and he returned in 2010 and 2011 for our 2nd and 3rd  National Dyscalculia and MLD Conferences.

Click here to download his 2009 keynote slides: The trouble with Maths

Click here to download his 2010 keynote slides: Recent developments in classroom research into maths learning difficulties and dyscalculia

Click here to download his 2011 keynote slides: Assessment and Diagnosis of Maths LD and Dyscalculia

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chinn booksv1.jpgRecommended Reading

  • The Routledge International Handbook of Dyscalculia and Mathematical Learning Difficulties
  • More Trouble with Maths (2012 Edition)
  • Mathematics for Dyslexics, including Dyscalculia (co-written with Richard Ashcroft)
  • The Trouble with Maths

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  • Chinn (2016) Reflections on 'Challenges in Mathematical Cognition' by Alcock et al
  • Chinn (2012) Beliefs, Anxiety, and Avoiding Failure in Mathematics
  • Chinn (2004) Maths & Dyslexia - A view from the UK
  • Chinn (2004) NNS Website FAQs
  • Chinn (2001) Learning Styles and Mathematics

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Professional Summary

The College Steve established received a number of awards, including the Independent Schools’ Award for Excellence, and provided the platform for the UK’s first PG Certificate course on dyslexia and maths difficulties. He chairs the British Dyslexia Association’s dyscalculia committee, is a member of ESRC Peer Review College and a visiting professor at the University of Derby. He has produced maths books, worksheets and tests as well as contributing to books, including, 'Dyslexia and Mathematics' and 'Dyslexia and Stress'.

Dr Chinn’s 'The Trouble with Maths' won a TES/nasen award in 2004 and the sequel ‘More Trouble with Maths’ received high praise from Maggie Snowling who suggested that it  ‘should be on the shelves of all professionals in the field of maths education and educational assessment’.  Dr Chinn was editor for ‘The International Handbook of Dyscalculia and Mathematical Learning Difficulties’ (2015), a key text with contributions from leading international experts such as: Daniel Ansari, David Geary, Nancy Jordan, and Robert Siegler.  

In 2014 Steve published an online tutorial resource ‘Maths Explained’. This resource covers 12 areas of the maths curriculum and is designed for children and adults experiencing difficulties learning maths. This year (2016) sees the fourth edition of 'Mathematics for Dyslexics',  a seminal text co-written with Richard Ashcroft. Dr Chinn has received several prestigious awards including the Lady Radnor Award from Dyslexia Action in 2010.

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